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Winners of the Centennial Holiday Tree Festival
December 20th, 2013 - 06:47 AM           Last Edited: December 21st, 2013 - 01:08 PM
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And the Winners Are...
Almost 70 trees were entered in the PoCo Heritage's Centennial Holiday Tree Festival by community groups, businesses and celebrities. Between Nov. 28th and Dec. 18th almost 1000 votes were received for trees in the three categories with the results as listed below.

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Community Trees (29)
1st Place - Girl Guides Sponsored by Barbara McCaugherty of RBC ($100)
2nd Place - Art Focus ($50)
3rd Place - PoCo Garden Club ($25)
Honorable mention: Riverside Community Church, PoCo Ridge Meadows Ringette, and the 4th Scouts

** The community group prizes were donated by Encompass Solutions and Wilson Pharmacy.
Businesses Trees (33)
1st Place - Salon Kismet
2nd Place - Summitt Tools
3rd Place - Forrest Marine
Honorable mention: Orrange Kitchen + Bar, Westminster Savings, Luscious Creations and the Trophy Centre

** The first place trophy was donated by the PoCo BIA
Celebrity Tree Decorating Challenge (5)
Most Food Items - Judy Shirra
Most Votes - Karon Fuson edging Mayor Greg Moore by 2 votes (Could this be a preview of the fall election??)

Thanks also to Councillors Mike Forrest and Brad West for first class trees.
Voter Draw Prize Winners
RBC Freemont $100 Visa (Kelsey Wood)
RBC Coast Meridian Certificiates - VIP Banking $90 (Carly Christopher)
RBC Coast Meridian Certificiates - VIP Banking $90 (Ted Freylinger)
RBC Coast Meridian Certificiates - VIP Banking $90 (Irena Nowotny)
Linda Sliworsky Ipod Shuffle package $100 (Carolyn Hansen)
Mobil 1 Oil Change and Car Wash package $75.00 (Margaret Mathews)
Summit Tools Tool Box and Tools $50.00 (Win Spaton)
Floral Revelry Gift Certificate $25 (Julie Wong)
Floral Revelry Gift Certificate $25 (Martin Wolff)
Caydance Certificates for Dance Lessons (Celinda Williams)
Caydance Certificates for Dance Lessons (Ken Braun)
Sunrider Gift Basket (Carol McMullan)
Unknown donor Gift Basket (Els Muller)
Unknown donor Gift Basket (Roger Loubert)
City of PoCo Swag basket and Water bottle (Leslie Roffey)
Curves Gift Certificates (Dennis Marsden)
Curves Gift Certificates (Sandy Bruce)
Coquitlam Music Gift Certificate - Music Lesson $21.50 (Cecilia Li)
Forrest Marine Ltd 1 Gift Certificate - Side of Smoked Salmon $20 (zola blue)
Matteos Gift Certificates $10.00 (Ron Sheepwash)
Matteos Gift Certificates $10.00 (Doris Patko)
Matteos Gift Certificates $10.00 (Paula Chambers)
PoCo Heritage Hat, Membership, (H. King)
PoCo Garden Club Membership (Erin Fox)
Norco Bandana (Janis Sinclair)
I am somone pink umbrella (Rhea Hayes)
I am somone pink umbrella (M. Peterson)
I am somone pink umbrellas (Sunshine Hanan)
Eileen Marshall Chocolates (Fasha Fernaandes)
Thanks again to all the tree entrants, sponsors, partners, prize donors and voters.
Cheers from PoCo Heritage Tree Festival Committee

Pippa Van Velzen, Lois McCrady, Diana Kapoor, Fritz Radandt, Linda Sliworsky, Marg Owens, Brian Hubbard